From the far east comes the flavor that’s far removed from anything else you’ve ever tasted

Are you a connoisseur of high-end beef? Hosting an executive event or wanting to impress dinner guests? Add some WOW to your menu!

Kobe Classic Beef uses Japanese Wagyu sires and predominantly Angus cross females to create the highest-grade marbled beef products in the market. Our cattle are raised in a low-stress and humane environment that is supported by clean air and water, and a Japanese-style feeding program that is hormone-free. Our beef products have an absolutely stunning texture and taste.


  • Exclusive, Exceptional Quality, Impressive, Affordable
  • Gourmet Famous Taste and Flavor
  • Marbled to create rich luxurious cuts of beef
  • Melt in your mouth with delicate explosive flavor
  • An excellent source of essential fatty acids
  • Hormone Free (NHTC)

Prompt Delivery to your door.

We have a full range of beef products available for individuals, restauranteurs, and wholesalers. Including:

  • Various A5 cuts imported from Japan.
  • AA Dry Aged Whole Primals
  • Competition Quality Wagyu Briskets for smoking
  • Primals for wholesale
  • Chilled products upon request

We have a available to discuss your personalized needs. Or choose from one of our prepackaged orders as listed.

For special orders contact us.

Wagyu Top Sirloin Cap

Top Sirloin Caps

Wagyu Thick Cut Striploin

Thick Cut Striploin Steaks

Beef Sirloin Medallions

Beef Sirloin Medallions

Wagyu Gourmet Burgers

Gourmet Burgers

Wagyu Gourmet Ground Beef (packaged)

Gourmet Ground Beef