Our high-quality beef products are ideal for those who value exceptional taste and value. Whether you want it for personal consumption or a special event, such as a wedding or New Year’s. Kobe Classic Beef is guaranteed to meet your needs.

All our products are conveniently packaged in individual, quality sealed portions and home or store delivered.


The family behind Kobe Classic Beef has been involved in farming since the 1970s and cattle buying for farm and feedlot cattle orders across North America and Japan for the past 30years. They also owned a feedlot for 20 years that provided personal and custom feeding programs geared towards live calve exports and finished fed cattle.

In the 1990s, they began exporting live Angus heifers to Japan. They learned about Kobe beef production there and invested in training to raise Wagyu cattle in the Japanese style. They have raised Wagyu Cattle to process and sell online and via phone orders for close to 30 years.

Since 2012, they have been part owner of a beef export company. The company is internationally marketed to Asia, the European Union, the Middle East, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the United States.

Today Kobe Classic Beef focuses on shipping percentage Japanese Wagyu packaged beef products around the world.


Kobe Classic Beef Ribeye

Strip Loin

Kobe Classic Beef Strip Loin